from 06 May 2024 to 14 May 2024
9 days, 8 nights on board

Lisbon (Portugal) – Honfleur (France)

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Atlantic Europe, between ocean, rivers, finisterre .... and gastronomy

Finisterre: where the land ends, where the conquest of the horizon begins. A world apart, between the Atlantic and Europe, a world of historic ports and islands shaped by their awareness of being a border.

To complete the flavour of this cruise sailing from estuary to ocean, the pleasures of the table are signed Jean-Yves Guého, a Michelin star Breton chef, experienced in distant travels as well as in the value of French terroirs.

A journey that definitely has the taste of the sea.

Why choose this expedition?

<p>The spirit of the great port cities of Porto and Bordeaux</p>

The spirit of the great port cities of Porto and Bordeaux

<p>The subtropical gardens and nature reserves of the Isles of Scilly</p>

The subtropical gardens and nature reserves of the Isles of Scilly

<p>A fundamental part of Spanish history: Santiago de Compostela</p>

A fundamental part of Spanish history: Santiago de Compostela

<p>Whale spotting in the Bay of Biscay</p>

Whale spotting in the Bay of Biscay

<p>The raw beauty of Brittany and Ireland’s Celtic shores</p>

The raw beauty of Brittany and Ireland’s Celtic shores



Day 1 Monday 06 May 2024

Lisbon, Portugal

Around us is the Mar da Palha (literally, the “sea of straw”). In this huge bay – said to derive its name from the colour it takes on when the sun sets at the end of the day – the Tagus river meets the Atlantic Ocean. Our plans for this first day? Sailing in complete tranquillity; satisfying our traveller’s curiosity; experiencing sea travel as never before.

Boarding from 4 pm.


Day 2 Tuesday 07 May 2024

Porto, Portugal

Today we are in the city that gave its name to the whole country. The country’s “northern capital” truly has the wind in its sails: it is full of energy, the perfect spot for a curious traveller. We visit la Ribeira, a labyrinthic neighbourhood on the Douro’s northern bank, with colourful palaces and churches bursting with gilding and azulejos.

We reach the Dom-Luis I Bridge, whose metal arch has become one of the city’s emblems. Another one of its emblems? Wine! Vila Nova de Gaia, just south of the Douro, is at the very centre of the region’s wine production. There, oak barrels are stacked up high, and wine-making is almost a religion. A must-see for gourmets like us. A cellarmaster will teach us the subtleties of this ambrosia, made in the upper Douro valley.


Day 3 Wednesday 08 May 2024

Portosín – Muros – La Coruña, Spain

We reach an estuary called Ría de Muros y Noya. The surrounding area, made up of Muros’ sweet little houses and Portosín’s white beaches, is idyllic. Exploris One makes a pit stop here, only 40 kilometres away from one of the most important places in Western spirituality: Santiago de Compostela.

For centuries, pilgrims have walked through these narrow streets lined with arcades in search of the Apostle James’ tomb. This land is home to a remarkable heritage, where the Spanish kings of yesteryear’s zeal can still be felt. Just north of the Parque da Alameda, the famous cathedral looks over the city’s roofs. Elegant granite overlooking a sea of red tiles: the view is splendid. The cathedral remains in sight on the horizon for a long time as we make our way to La Coruña. In this famous Galician port, Exploris One awaits, ready to take us to our next destination.


Day 4 Thursday 09 May 2024

At sea, Atlantic Ocean

As we leave Galicia, we enter a remarkable portion of the Atlantic: the Bay of Biscay (known in French as the Golfe de Gascogne). More than 20 rivers flow into it, both Spanish and French. Binoculars at the ready: more than 25 species of cetaceans (rorquals, sperm whales, dolphins, whales...) can be spotted here. Exploris One’s outside decks will be the perfect place to observe them.


Day 5 Friday 10 May 2024

Bordeaux, France

As we approach the capital of Aquitaine, we embark on a journey at the heart of the Gironde region. This estuary, through which the waters of the Dordogne and Garonne rivers flow, narrows as we near Bordeaux. Exploris One surfs the tidal bore, gliding along the foreshore, sandbanks, nature reserves and islands, some of which are nameless, even though the region has been occupied for a long time.

From the outside decks, we can see the rolling hills where Médoc and Côtes-de-Blaye wines are produced. In the wine cellars and the Cité du Vin de Bordeaux, you will be immersed in the art of wine-making, as you discover different cultivation methods and a very French type of savoir-vivre.


Day 6 Saturday 11 May 2024

Groix island, France

Just a few kilometres off the coast of Lorient lies Groix Island, which has two contrasting environments: The western part of the island, which we reach after a pleasant bike ride, is made up of rugged cliffs. The tip of the island on this side, near the lighthouse of Pen-Men, is a nature and bird reserve. The east coast, between Port-Tudy and Locmaria, is made up of sandy beaches and secluded coves.

We’ll go on a hike to the “Grands Sables” beach. Our expert naturalists explain to us the beach’s peculiarities: it is convex in shape, and it shifts often. The roughness of the landscape stands in contrast with the warmth of the islanders, whom we get to know as we encounter fishermen, oyster farmers and café owners... and their local delicacies.


Day 7 Sunday 12 May 2024

Tresco, Isles of Scilly, United Kingdom

In Western Cornwall, there’s a place called Land’s End. However, that’s not the one we’re looking for. Here in the Isles of Scilly, you’ll find the real British “end of the world”. Solitary, facing the ocean, and exposed to the Gulf Stream, these isles host a surprising microclimate. Australian, South African, and Brazilian plants feel right at home in Tresco’s exotic gardens.


Day 8 Monday 13 May 2024


Day 9 Tuesday 14 May 2024

Dublin, Ireland

Disembarkation in the morning, after breakfast.

Exploris One continues its journey to the Northern Seas. Fancy staying on board?

Activities on board

Guided Hikes

Guided Hikes

Hikes for all levels will be offered during your expedition. Explore historic landmarks, walk on gorgeous sandy beaches or pack ice. Admire the fauna and flora and take in the spectacular sights.

Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop

Our photography experts will offer conferences and workshops on board the ship and on dry land so you can get the best out of your camera and capture the most incredible landscapes.



Observe the most beautiful species of birds in their natural habitat, alongside renowned ornithologists and wildlife specialists.

Informative lectures

Informative lectures

Our experts, scientists, naturalist guides, historians and special guests will offer unique lectures on the fauna, flora, history and biology of the regions we visit

Cultural tours

Cultural tours

Take in the culture, history and sights as you discover unforgettable landmarks with our expert guides.

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Extension Tours

Extension - Escapade à Lisbonne

Extension - Escapade à Lisbonne