« We've never taken you so far
in your emotions. » — Your Captain

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« We are all explorers. »

We are Exploris, the new expedition cruise company. Our first trips will begin during the winter of 2023/2024.

Exploris was born out of a long-standing love for exploring these extraordinary, still-wild regions. All of the company's employees are eager to share their passion for those natural paradises.

When we travel to these latitudes, it is to fully experience the feelings of freedom and curiosity that you get from exploration. This is why we have willingly limited the capacity of our current and future vessels to fewer than 145 passengers. This allows us to visit areas inaccessible to cruise ships.

Therefore, we are equipped to take you to the farthest reaches of the world, where there is no port infrastructure, and where you will never have to wait long to disembark via our Zodiacs©.

« I promise you the trip of a lifetime. »

The Captain and crew

Highly experienced and duly certified to navigate in these very special places, our captains and officers will be proud to introduce you to the wonders of these sights. For them too, discovering each region always reveals a new experience, with its moments of emotion, anecdotes and unexpected encounters. And you can be sure that our crew will also be able to share with you the passion that all sailors feel for their ship.

The expedition teams

Our carefully selected expedition leaders will form a team of guides, naturalists and specialists dedicated to a given geographical area. Their considerable experience, the extent of their skills, and their sensitivity to respecting the flora and fauna will greatly enrich your trip. They are also storytellers and excellent instructors. Their lectures will certainly captivate you.

In addition, during some expeditions, local experts will accompany you to help you better understand the life of native communities. All of this, of course, is with a constant focus on safety and environmental protection.

Picture Exploris
Picture Exploris
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« What if I took you where you dreamed of going? »

Experiencing remote and inaccessible regions from the Poles to warmer climates, puts you in contact with pristine nature. Our routes can adjust to what nature has to offer in the moment. The range of explorations and possibilities always remains open. The intensity and the novelty of each moment bring awe and leave you with memories of a lifetime.

Exploris Antarctica


The magic of the white continent

Antarctica map


Nature reigns supreme on Antarctica. The waters of the Southern Ocean teem with abundant wildlife of whales, seals, penguins and sea birds, where you rediscover the enchanted gaze of a child.

South Georgia and the Falkland Islands display the splendour of vast landscapes, punctuated by icebergs sculpted by the sun, wind and waves.

Antarctica’s official discovery was in 1819, by British long-distance captain Williams Smith. But Antarctica is not owned by anyone. It is a continent dedicated to science and peace. This world of silence & ice is governed by the Royal Penguins.

Exploris Atlantic

The Atlantic Islands

Ocean jewels

Atlantic map

The Atlantic Islands

We will set sail for the African coast and the west coast of Europe to discover the pearls of the Atlantic. The Bijagos Archipelago, the Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde and the Canary Islands offer you a vast area of exceptionally diverse wildlife, where you can feast your eyes on monkeys, gazelles, pelicans, crocodiles, turtles, sea hippos, dolphins, manatees, otters or Manta Rays to name a few.

The Azores were discovered in 1452, they were visited by Christopher Columbus in 1493 upon his return from his first exploration of the Americas.

The British Isles

The British Isles

An archipelago in the shape of paradise

The British Isles map

The British Isles

Take in these islands with their picturesque charm of steep cliffs, complex geology, and awesome wildlife. A multitude of sea birds nest there, making these islands a spectacle for ornithologists. The British Isles’ waters are home for no less than fifteen species of cetaceans.

Northern Ireland’s "Giant's Causeway" pierces the sea with more than 40,000 columns of basaltic volcanic rock, forming perfect hexagonal geometry. One would almost think they were man made but they are the artwork of nature.

The Norwegian fjords

The Norwegian fjords

Dreamlike landscapes and incredible wildlife

Fjord map

The Norwegian fjords

I can only encourage you to give yourself the privilege of experiencing the magnificent Norwegian fjords, which are enchanting thanks to their towering cliffs, sinuous waterways of crystal blue waters, with its unique wildlife, hidden treasures, historical monuments and breath-taking vistas.

Exploring a wild coastline of such beauty, where you will meet whales and white-tailed eagles, you will experience a fascinating adventure.

Take in the awe of the Vinnufossen waterfall, the highest in Europe (860 m) and the sixth highest waterfall in the world.

Exploris The Arctic

The Arctic

In the shoes of a Scandinavian explorer

The Arctic map

The Arctic

The Arctic voyages will take you to the shores of Greenland, second largest island in the world, as well as to the stunning landscapes of Spitzberg, the Baffin Sea, and the legendary Labrador Sea crossing. Fjords, glaciers, and mountain ranges, take you away from it all, while rubbing shoulders with whales, bears, foxes and Arctic hares. Exploration and emotion await you.

Eight countries share the Arctic territory. The Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, 90% of which is a nature reserve, is home to more bears than human inhabitants.

Exploris Iceland


When nature takes your breath away

Iceland map


Iceland, land of fire and ice, astounds you with its diverse panoramas. This island, which is 80% uninhabited, abounds in immense wild expanses with volcanic peaks, geysers, geothermal springs, fjords and majestic glaciers.

Marvel at one of the world’s highest concentrations of birds, featuring razorbills, northern gannets, guillemots, puffins. Also be mesmerised by the spectacular humpback whale, the iconic blue whale, the white-nosed dolphin or the Minke whale.

The Vatnajökull glacier is the largest in Europe. It is equivalent to Corsica in size.

The St. Lawrence and New England

The St. Lawrence and New England

An Indian summer in all its glory

The St. Lawrence map

The St. Lawrence and New England

New England and the St. Lawrence, which will tell you the story of the first settlers, spectacular landscapes offer beauty year round, but in autumn the colours shimmer with sumptuous brilliance. The air is pure and fresh. Ripe apples wait to be picked.

Vistas of scarlet, orange, and golden foliage are suffused by the unique light of this area. The St. Lawrence, an ocean-river, is also home to a rich ecosystem, populated with exceptional marine mammals such as the beluga, the Greenland shark or the Atlantic wolffish.

No fewer than 13 whale species have been identified in the waters of the St. Lawrence.

Exploris The Amazon

The Amazon

A green Eden to explore along the water

The Amazon map

The Amazon

You will behold this impenetrable green world. You will feel a part of the primordial burst of life’s formation. In this still preserved refuge, in ideal conditions, a myriad of animals, each in incomparable magnificence awaits you. Here your explorer dreams will become your reality.

The Amazon has nearly 3 million indigenous people, grouped into approximately 420 tribes. 60 of these tribes still live in isolation from the rest of the world.

« On board Exploris One, you will go where many others will never go. »

The Exploris One offers the best in expedition cruising.

This ship has been specially designed to navigate the world's most demanding waters, especially those of the polar regions. With a reinforced hull and a 1A rating for passenger ships, it is ideal for exploring the ice regions in complete safety. In this field, it is a global benchmark.

Since its recent renovation, the Exploris One perfectly combines adventure with a very high standard, offering some of the most comfortable suites available on board an expedition ship. It is equipped with twelve Zodiacs© that allow all passengers to disembark in territories that are usually inaccessible. In addition, a team of experienced and passionate guides and naturalists supervise the expeditions, making each voyage an unforgettable and rewarding experience.

Exploris Small ship expedition experiences

Small ship expedition experiences

Exploris Priority to zodiac cruises and landings

Priority to zodiac cruises and landings

Exploris Capacity limited to less than 145 passengers

Capacity limited to less than 145 passengers

Exploris 72 luxury cabins and suites

72 luxury cabins and suites

Exploris Fitness Centre, Sauna, Hammam, Massage Room

Fitness Centre, Sauna, Hammam, Massage Room

Exploris 2 restaurants including 1 outdoor grill

2 restaurants including 1 outdoor grill

Exploris Premium dining and onboard services

Premium dining and onboard services

Exploris the most beautiful views on Earth

And at any time…the most beautiful views on Earth

Our future ships currently being designed

As a preview, we are unveiling our two projects currently under design.

Designed in the same spirit, these two sister ships will meet some of the most demanding specifications in terms of ecology, performance, safety and comfort.

Like the Exploris One, because they are designed for exploration, they will carry a reduced number of passengers, so as to give priority to the quality of the experience, whether on board or during daily landings.

Boat Exploris
Boat Exploris