from 14 March 2025 to 27 March 2025
14 days, 12 nights on board

Ushuaia (via Buenos Aires, Argentina) – Montevideo (Uruguay)

From 10 390 € 7 790 €*
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South America – In the Wake of Magellan

This trip from south to north (the opposite of Magellan’s trip as he sailed down to Patagonia) includes all the marvels of South America: the remote glaciers of the Tierra del Fuego, exceptional sailing in the Strait of Magellan, and the wild fauna of the Falklands and Patagonia (penguins, albatrosses, whales, dolphins…). A trip of intense exploration, balanced out by the calming pleasure of life at sea, on board a smaller ship. 

It’s an expedition that perfectly combines the excitement of discovery and the serenity of life on a cruise.

Why choose this expedition?

<p>The Chilean fjords and their majestic glaciers</p>

The Chilean fjords and their majestic glaciers

<p>Navigating the mythical Strait of Magellan</p>

Navigating the mythical Strait of Magellan

<p>The Falklands’ largest colony of black-browed albatrosses</p>

The Falklands’ largest colony of black-browed albatrosses

<p>A paradise of marine mammals in the Valdés Peninsula</p>

A paradise of marine mammals in the Valdés Peninsula

<p>Observing many species of penguin (Gentoo, Magellan, Southern Rockhopper)</p>

Observing many species of penguin (Gentoo, Magellan, Southern Rockhopper)



Day 1 Friday 14 March 2025

Buenos Aires, Argentina

You will stay at the 5* Palladio MGallery Hotel (or equivalent). Check-in from 4 pm.

Free evening


Day 2 Saturday 15 March 2025

Ushuaia, Argentina

In the morning, you will take a domestic flight to Ushuaia.

Before boarding Exploris One, you’ll have the chance to go on an excursion to discover the Tierra del Fuego, after which you’ll make your way back to the ship which will be docked off Ushuaia’s shore. Its captain and crew will welcome you aboard for the first night of your Antipodean stay. Being at “land’s end” allows us to shift perspectives: the city looks tiny in contrast to the never-ending horizon. On our first night aboard the ship, we will begin our navigation on the Beagle Channel, one of the most important maritime routes of the Tierra del Fuego, second only to the Magellan Strait.


Day 3 Sunday 16 March 2025

Sailing through the Fjords – Pia and Garibaldi Glaciers, Chile

Exploris One heads west to reach a section of the Beagle Channel called the Avenue of the Glaciers. The Pia Glacier gives us a stunning first glimpse of this world of infinite shades of blue. A river flows down the glacier’s slope, its waves frozen as if by magic: an unforgettable sight. This immobility, as we’ll see is also the case with the Garibaldi Glacier – is merely an illusion.

A glacier is a dynamic object: it grinds, moves, it even calves icebergs into the sea (yes, like a cow!) in a loud symphony of crackling. An incomparable concert, offered to us by nature.


Day 4 Monday 17 March 2025

Sailing through the Fjords – Cockburn Channel and Agostini Glacier, Chile

The Tierra del Fuego and its maze of channels are on our itinerary as we sail through the Alberto de Agostini National Park. The Cockburn Channel is a real labyrinth. As it extends into Magdalena Channel, it leads us into the heart of Tierra del Fuego, to the Strait of Magellan.  On our way, we’ll have plenty of surprising nature encounters. The marine fauna here is incredibly abundant.

Dolphins, sea lions, humpback whales, petrels, cormorants, and even Fuegian steamer ducks rise to the surface of the water to say hello as they hunt and play around. At the edge of the long and narrow Agostini Fjord, a glacier of the same name offers a wonderful spot for a Zodiac outing.


Day 5 Tuesday 18 March 2025

Sailing through the Fjords – Strait of Magellan and Magdalena Island, Chile

You’ll feel like a pioneer after this exciting day! Magellan and his fleet were the first Europeans to tread these waters in 1521, as they searched for a path to the Pacific Ocean. While navigating the strait was a challenge for Magellan, for us it is pure pleasure. As we glide along, our onboard experts regale us with tales of this exceptional sailor.

At the centre of the strait, we find Magdalena Island, which boasts an important colony of… Magellanic penguins! These birds are easy to recognise, thanks to the distinct white border of feathers that they have around their head.

At this time of year, the young penguins are already moulting and getting ready to explore the sea. There’s no better moment to observe – as budding naturalists and enthusiastic photographers – the delightful scenes that the birds offer us, such as the bickering between the teenage birds and their parents.


Day 6 Wednesday 19 March 2025

At sea, Atlantic Ocean


Day 7 Thursday 20 March 2025

The Falklands, United Kingdom

This island’s western shore is made up of rugged cleaved cliffs and is therefore not accessible by sea. We reach the island from the other coast, after walking through high grass. From up high on the cliffs, you can see the sea roaring and the merciless geysers spraying salty sea water our way. Two different colonies of birds can be spotted: the black-browed albatrosses, and the southern rockhopper penguins.

The difference between the two is startling. The albatrosses are elegant, pedigreed, and their eyes seem to be delicately lined with kohl. The penguins are stocky, stubborn, and as they waddle, their yellow-feathered mohawk stands up straight on their head. The to-and-froing of these two animals – a sort of Laurel and Hardy pairing, if you will – will get a giggle out of any observer.


Day 8 Friday 21 March 2025

The Falklands, United Kingdom

West Point offers a well-sheltered bay, Grave Cove. Many whalers died here, hence its name. We disembark here to cross the island and meet the archipelago’s largest colony of Falkland Islands penguins – more than 10,000 of them–, some of which will end up as food for the sea lions that hide in the waves.

On Saunders Island, on one of the island’s narrow necks (aptly named “The Neck”), we climb a hill from which we can see the whole horizon. Black-browed albatrosses and Magellanic penguins nest here: the former in burrows, the latter on tussocks. Just below, the waves calmly break on the shore.

This programme is indicative. We are first and foremost privileged guests on these lands, which are subject to extreme weather. Our itinerary may change from day to day, making each day on the cruise unique.


Day 9 Saturday 22 March 2025

At sea, Atlantic Ocean

A third country awaits on the horizon. The temperature becomes warmer as we sail north towards Argentina and enter the Southern summer. It’s the perfect atmosphere in which to get to know Exploris One’s many decks and relax while we take in the beauty of the ocean.

Various conferences will be held in the ship’s auditoriums, given by the expedition chief and his team. You might prefer to unwind on the bridge, a privileged vantage point from which to admire an unobstructed view of the horizon.


Day 10 Sunday 23 March 2025

At sea, Atlantic Ocean


Day 11 Monday 24 March 2025

Puerto Madryn, Valdes Peninsula, Argentina

During the Southern summer, more than 200 species migrate to the Valdes Peninsula, which transforms into a privileged wildlife refuge. These animals mainly eat krill, little pink crustaceans brought to the region by two currents, one hot and one cold. In March, orcas hunt near Punta Cantor: they “snatch” birds or sea lions off of the beach.

Punto Pirámides is full of sea-lions. In Golfo Nuevo, you’ll spot some Commerson’s dolphins. The Puerto Madryn region’s culture is just as interesting as its nature: it boasts many estancias, those vast agricultural properties that in the 19th century contributed to Argentina’s economic prosperity. These traditional buildings take us back to the age of gauchos, those cowboys of the pampa.


Day 12 Tuesday 25 March 2025

At sea, Atlantic Ocean


Day 13 Wednesday 26 March 2025

At sea, Atlantic Ocean

Our last day of sailing is like a farewell to the Southern Hemisphere. Exploris One is the ideal place in which to relax on our last day of travel, as you enjoy a few hours of farniente, or as you look out onto the water to spot some whales.

As we near the briny waters of the Río de la Plata, the Atlantic ocean takes on a brownish hue. This large “River of Silver” (as it is called in Spanish) once gave Magellan the false hope that he has found a passage to the Pacific. Though he was wrong, it’s a special feeling to know that, until the very last moment of our trip, we have followed in the wake of that brave explorer.


Day 14 Thursday 27 March 2025

Montevideo, Uruguay

Disembarkation after breakfast.

Exploris One starts its sea voyage, heading towards Africa with a stopover in the Brazilian islands on the way. Fancy staying on board?

Activities on board

Zodiac©  Cruises

Zodiac© Cruises

Explore inaccessible zones, admire spectacular glaciers and icebergs. Our Zodiacs© allow you to get as close as possible to nature, in complete safety.

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

Silent, discreet, and easy to handle, kayaks are perfect to explore less accessible areas and to get closer to places of incredible beauty.

Guided Hikes

Guided Hikes

Hikes for all levels will be offered during your expedition. Explore historic landmarks, walk on gorgeous sandy beaches or pack ice. Admire the fauna and flora and take in the spectacular sights.

Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop

Our photography experts will offer conferences and workshops on board the ship and on dry land so you can get the best out of your camera and capture the most incredible landscapes.



Observe the most beautiful species of birds in their natural habitat, alongside renowned ornithologists and wildlife specialists.

Informative lectures

Informative lectures

Our experts, scientists, naturalist guides, historians and special guests will offer unique lectures on the fauna, flora, history and biology of the regions we visit

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