The Arctic

The Arctic

  • The shortest path to ice

    The polar world is a mere few hours away from Europe by flight: the Arctic is at our doorstep. But sometimes, slower is better: we believe the best way to discover the wonders of the Arctic is by sea.

    The Baffin Sea opens up to the maze of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago through which the mythical Northwest Passage winds.

    The Arctic continent, where glaciers, black rocks and colourful tundra intertwine, is also a haven for wildlife: puffins, penguins and terns nestle in the cliffs, a polar bear vigorously swims as it crosses a bay, and a whale makes a ghostly escape from a fjord. So many moments of eternity in a universe, alas, weakened.

    These are little moments of eternity in an – unfortunately – incredibly fragile environment.

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