• « Destination de rêve. »

    Travelling over a volcano

    The title of that famous cycle of novels, A Song of Ice and Fire, narrated around an iron throne could be Iceland’s motto: this “icy island” is the product of a volcanic eruption. This contrast – or even contradiction – is part of what makes the country so alluring. It’s no wonder cinematographers have long coveted it as a landscape in which to set the most exciting of fantasy stories.

    Iceland therefore seems to be the breeding ground where dreams come true. If yours consist in wanting to be amazed by dantesque waterfalls, by immense fields of black lava in the image of the original chaos of the planet, by meadows greener than in a child's drawing - and all all in one day: then Iceland might be the place for you.

    Its soundtrack is as much the songs of puffins hopping on beaches and rocks as the tales of Viking heritage. On the island of sagas, come write your own.

*price per person, based on double occupancy,
subject to availability at time of booking