Visiting the kingdom of ice

  • L'île de glace

    The amazing world of the Inuit

    You’d be forgiven for assuming that the Arctic continent is just as white as the polar bears who live there. In reality, things are a little different.

    If Greenland has glaciers, it is just as much made up of green meadows (hence its name), bronze tundras dotted with pink flowers, blue and yellow houses proudly erected on bistre rocks. With its shrimp canneries, its parliament carrying the loud voice of this autonomous land of the Kingdom of Denmark, its virgin lands and its international airport, Greenland remarkably combines the signs of the modern world and the preservation of traditional Inuit livelihoods. 

    A choice for the future that the capital, Nuuk, bears witness to as well as the villages anchored a stone’s throw from the pole. It's a harsh world like the tumult of icebergs in Ilulissat Bay, and soft like the caress of a musk ox wool mitten. In short, Greenland is the Arctic very close and far from the clichés.

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