The Atlantic’s European Coast

The Atlantic’s European Coast

  • Europe with a sea view

    Europe with a sea view


    When an ocean-going vessel becomes a cabotage unit, this is the bet of this original cruise. To approach our good old Europe differently, there is nothing like coastal navigation that also explores rivers and estuaries. From Portugal to Ireland, this trip crosses all the latitudes of our rich continent. Iberian, French or British, the shores we'll land on share their status as lookouts on the Atlantic and, for some, a Celtic identity that transcends differences.

    Last frontiers before the infinity of the ocean, Compostela or Bordeaux, cities with a thousand-year-old culture, mark our route.  The islands of Scilly, which house many fascinating seabirds, are perfect pitstops for any curious traveller who wants to sail off the beaten track.

    A trip to Europe is also an adventure for the tastebuds: Whisky in Scotland, Porto in Portugal, Bordeaux in France, the choices are almost endless. Though passion, of course, must always rhyme with moderation.

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