The Norwegians Fjords

The Norwegians Fjords

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    The way of the north

    The name Norway comes from the Old Norse “Norweg”, meaning “the way of the north”. The country stretches accross more than 2000 km, and is home to an important maritime route route: the “inner route”, cut off from the high seas by a series of islands, including the beautiful Lofoten.

    The channel leads to countless fjords: those valleys made up of vertiginous walls, dug by glaciers more than two million years ago. Spectacular waterfalls run through them.

    On the mainland side, this channel controls the entrance to countless fjords. Valleys with vertiginous walls, these tortuous arms of the sea were dug by glaciers, at a time that those less than two million years of age cannot know. Spectacular waterfalls run through them. Deep inside the mainland, there are plenty of delightful little villages, perfect spots from which to admire glaciers and high-altitude lakes.