The British Isles

The British Isles

  • The kingdom of archipelagos

    The kingdom of archipelagos

    There is, it is said, a specific identity to the islanders. This allows the French, "incorrigible earthlings" according to famous French sailor Éric Tabarly, to watch with some distance, and perhaps a secret desire, their neighbors across the Channel. Don't they live surrounded by water, as if they were – the lucky ones! – ad vitam aeternam on board departing ships? These itineraries invite you to dive into the heart of a true civilization of the islands, whose diversity exceeds expectations: because, around England and Ireland, a whole network of archipelagos is scattered.

    From Irish ports to the shores of Scotland, a little curiosity is enough to explore the bird colonies of the Isle of Man, the coasts of the Outer Hebrides fashioned by the fierce Atlantic ocean, the megalithic remains of the Northern Orkneys or the moors of the Northern Shetlands, populated by sheep and. Enough to revise Tabarly's judgment and make you want to become an islander!

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