The Atlantic Islands

The Atlantic Islands
The Azores, The Bijagos Islands, Cape Verde, The Canary Islands, Madeira

  • The lesser-known archipelagos of Africa and Europe

    The lesser-known archipelagos of Africa and Europe

    Let's learn a new reflex. By making “islands” and “Atlantic” rhyme, let’s stop thinking about the Caribbean. Let's turn our curiosity elsewhere, to another portion of our ocean. Think of Bijagos, Cape Verde, Canary Islands, Azores, Madeira… A whole continent of islands, in short, which a capricious geology has sown in confetti over thousands of square nautical miles. 

    With for only link, in this spring of 2024, the exclusive itinerary of Exploris One sailing from one archipelago to the next. Diversity characterizes these destinations: The Bijagos have strong Guyanese roots, while Cape Verde’s Creole heritage combines African culture with Portuguese saudade. The Azores and Madeira maintain strong links with Portugal, while the Spanish Canary Islands take pride in their Berber origins.

    These eclectic islands have one thing in common: they are full of beautiful, unspoilt nature. A dream for any explorer.

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