Patagonia and the Chilean Fjords

Patagonia and the Chilean Fjords

  • Andean shores, beaches, and glaciers

    Andean shores, beaches, and glaciers

    There is magic in the air and in the waves of such a destination. Each trip resonates with mythical names, those that make you dream on a map and encourage you to leave.

    This itinerary allows you to experience all there is to see between the Andes and the sea, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from Valparaíso to the Tierra del Fuego, from the Strait of Magellan to Ushuaia: a labyrinth of steep fjords which lead to giant sapphire-coloured glaciers; the smooth waters of the channels through which Exploris One sails, alive with sea lions, rorquals, dolphins and seals. The Falklands and the Valdes Peninsula boast rocky coasts and white beaches, home to thousands of penguins and albatrosses. 

    As you sail in the wake of exceptional explorers amidst grandiose landscapes, you’ll discover the epic vastness of nature between two oceans.

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